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Kiszla: How long will John Elway put up with fumbles, special-team gaffes and home losses before somebody gets fired?


It has been the No. 1 rule in Broncos Country since 1983: Don’t cross John Elway.

So consider yourself warned, coach Vic Fangio.

Knock off the fumbling, Melvin Gordon.

And special-teams coach Tom McMahon? Might want to update your LinkedIn profile.

“It’s not too late,” Gordon said Wednesday. “We’ve got a lot of games left to turn things around and the year is not over with for us.”

Well, Mr. Gordon. With all due respect, sir, you might want to add some urgency to your timetable.

With a 2-4 record and the locker room feeling the strain of an offense unable to pull its weight, the Broncos are testing Elway’s patience.