Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors: Broncos Trading Drew Lock & 2021 NFL Draft Picks For Texans Star QB?

Deshaun Watson rumors have been off the chain lately, and it’s time to throw our hat in the ring! The Houston Texans could be looking to move their franchise QB, but will the Denver Broncos swoop in and make a deal? Drew Lock obviously isn’t on his level just yet, and a Watson trade idea would likely involve him plus the #9 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Should George Paton and John Elway pull the trigger? Sam Brown breaks it all down on today’s video!

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Broncos trade rumors have grown since Deshaun Watson’s unhappiness surfaced, and it looks like they won’t die down anytime soon. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Watson has likely played his last snap for the Texans. The Denver Broncos could offer an enticing deal around Drew Lock and picks in the 2021 NFL Draft and beyond.

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