NFL MVP: Tim Tebow states his case (video highlights)

Tim Tebow, a college phenomenon in his 4 years at Florida, has now translated his phenomenon-like ways to the NFL.

You can't turn the corner these days without seeing something related to Tebow. From people Tebowing, to TebowCenter on ESPN to the cute chick wearing a cut-off Tebow jersey . . showing just enough skin to be considered 'barely-legal'.

The question remains though: Is Tim Tebow a viable NFL MVP candidate? His stats so no, his 'aura' says yes. Given that he won 7 of his first 8 starts this season, Tebow has been vaulted into the MVP conversation. While he only has 11 passing touchdowns this year, he makes up for it with intangibles and running ability.


To ensure we give Tim his due as an MVP candidate, we present you the best of Tebow 2011:

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