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D.C. United wins again (no really!) & more: Freedom Kicks for 10/26/20

Hi there, I’ve been upgrading my computing stuff lately so if this looks cyrillic at any point, you know why.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-1 win over Atlanta United by us, MLS and WaPo. Dirty South Soccer with the bad United side.

José Guillermo Ortiz aprendió a la mala una lección en el DC United (CR Hoy): The 2017 alum recounts his brief time.

Minor note here as Gabriel Gomez (son of Christian, and who played with Loudoun briefly this year) returned to Argentina and Gomito’s former club:


En el día de hoy Sebastián Matos firmó su vínculo con Nueva Chicago y se convirtió en refuerzo de la Institución.