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2020 NBA Draft Profiles: Isaiah Stewart

Isaiah Stewart was born in Rochester, New York where he attended the same high school as Jaren Jackson Jr. While Jaren is the kind of player any team would like to have, his game and Stewart’s are quite different. Take a look at why Stewart’s skillset mixed with his physical attributes and he might be just what the doctor ordered for Dallas.

The Specs

Height: 6’9”

Weight: 245

Wingspan: 7’4”

Key Notes


  • High work ethic, frequently described as “very coachable player” with “lots of potential to grow”
  • Very young, lots of time for Carlisle/Shammgod/Mosely to add things to his bag
  • Strength combined with his large frame makes him a good low-post option
  • Decent mid-range, could use improvement on three-point shooting
  • Decent free throw shooter, could get lots of easy points battling down low for offensive rebounds and drawing fouls on second chance points
  • Patient down on the block when utilizing low-post skills
  • Goes up strong, doesn’t play timid
  • Not very quick/fast, may be okay though with Luka/Seth being PnR ballhandler; both have lots of patience


  • Great shot blocker
  • Known for his defense and rebounding; different kind of big for Carlisle’s “Big men Bullpen”
  • Not the best perimeter defender
  • Massive wingspan, allows him to get in passing lane when in help defense
  • A little under-sized (height-wise), but solid frame
  • Thick, athletic build which would allow for us to throw someone else on opposing big men to take the load off of Kristaps Porzingis and also keep him out of foul trouble
  • Lack of quickness frequently results in him getting beat off the dribble
  • Strength and frame makes it tough for anyone to back him down
  • Great anticipation, allowing for blocks without fouling

Active Player Comparisons

If everything goes wrong: The non Laker version of Dwight Howard

If everything goes right: Young Zach Randolph + athleticism

Most Realistic Outcome: Thicker Derrick Favors

Stats and Accomplishments

Career Averages:

Best Games Last Season