Mavericks Rumors: Team Could Target DeMarcus Cousins, Possible Hassan Whiteside Trade, Draft Will Influence FA Moves

There are plenty of Dallas Mavericks rumors to sort through with the NBA offseason coming up fast. We first go over the Hassan Whiteside trade rumor that the Mavs could make a move for him if the Heat sweeten the deal with a draft pick. We then go over their possible pursuit for big-time free agent centers DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan and restricted free agent Julius Randle.

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Later, we talk about the Mavs learning their lesson from the 2014 NBA Draft and allowing their draft to affect their free agency moves instead of vice versa. Lastly, we cover the Mavericks not having a set draft board and the rumor that they are considering putting Mo Bamba as the 3rd best player in the draft when they do put their big board together.

Here is the list of Mavericks rumors:
- Mavs want Hassan Whiteside?
- Julius Randle to the Mavs?
- Mavs targeting Cousins and DeAndre?
Mavs draft influence FA moves?
Mavs haven't built draft board?
Mavs to draft Mo Bamba?

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