Dallas Mavericks Rumors: Luka Doncic All-Star Votes, Myles Turner Trade & Tristan Thompson Rumors

Luka Doncic is the leading All-Star vote getter in the NBA! He currently has the most votes in the entire league, and if he finishes with the most votes, he will be named an NBA All-Star captain in the Western Conference. Giannis Antetokoumpo and LeBron James are not far behind, so don’t forget to vote for Luka Doncic to go to the NBA All-Star game!

The Dallas Mavericks are expected to be active in trade rumors during the upcoming NBA trade deadline. The latest rumor swirling around the Mavs is that Myles Turner could be headed to the Mavericks after switching agents to Bill Duffy, who also represents Luka Doncic. Myles Turner would be an excellent rim protector next to Kristaps Porzingis that can also stretch the floor. Turner is expected to be shopped by the Indiana Pacers, because they are currently committed to playing Domantas Sabonis over Turner and do not believe the two big men can co-exist. The Mavs would probably have to give up a good amount to get Turner, but he could be worth it.

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Tristan Thompson’s name has been floating around trade rumors for a long time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he may finally be on the move. The rebounding big man could step in as Dallas’ starting center and bang with the big men down low next to Kristaps Porzingis. Tristan Thompson doesn’t stretch the floor, but he can defend well down low and pull in a large chunk of the rebounds. His contract expires this year, which could lead to the Mavs getting him for cheap. The Cavs want a first-round pick, but the Mavs can offer something close to that with the Warriors’ second-round pick.

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Taj Gibson signed with the New York Knicks this past summer, but he may be on the move before the deadline. Gibson is a veteran power forward that rebounds at a high rate and can knock down mid-range jumpers. He isn’t getting much playing time for the lottery-bound Knicks and may be ready to move onto a playoff contender like the Dallas Mavericks. His veteran presence and strong rebounding ability would add an extra dimension to the Mavericks’ already solid bench.

Andre Iguodala trade rumors continue to swirl around the Dallas Mavericks. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report was recently told that Iggy-To-Dallas being dead, as reported by Marc Stein and Brad Townsend, is just posturing. Pincus is told that he believes the Mavs and Grizzlies are just arguing about the Warriors’ second-round pick. If Iguodala were to come to the Mavericks, he would immediately step into the starting five role over Dorian Finney-Smith and be able to guard the best wing on the opposing team.

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