The importance of balancing the defense in today's Mavs news update

In today's Mavs news update, while the Dallas Mavericks may have found the recipe for success on offense in 2013-14, the team's defense is definitely in need of a little bit of a rethink.

According to Bryan Gutierrez of, "the impressive turnaround in the playoffs showed that one key to success for Dallas will be slowly shifting the paradigm from being based on offensive output, to moving toward an emphasis on defensive disposition. That’s not to say that Dallas needs to take the air out of the basketball on offense. It’s just that the numbers show that the Mavs can sacrifice on offense for the benefit of their defense."

The turnaround Gutierrez is speaking of had a lot to do with Rick Carlisle's decision to initiate switches on San Antonio's pick-and-roll offense in the first round - a move which gave the Spurs fits at times.

Gutierrez believes this taste of defensive excellence needs to be the driving force for the team this offseason.

"While the Mavs are currently there on offense, they’re nowhere near a finished product on defense," Gutierrez said. "It’s not necessary to get back up to the top in defense right away, though it should be the goal. If they don’t, they’ll be running in circles as they try to improve."


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