After Losing Out on Big Free Agents, Mavericks Must Turn To Inexperience

After Losing Out on Big Free Agents, Mavericks Must Turn to Inexperience

By: Joshua Forsythe

After a thrilling championship run in 2011, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had a decision to make. Does he re-sign pieces like Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea to long term deals, or does he break up the team in hopes to sign a big free agent like a Dwight Howard or Deron Williams?

He chose to break up the team, letting Chandler and Barea walk as free agents and sign with the Knicks and Timberwolves respectively. Most of the Maverick fans questioned this move up front, but soon realized the potential to turn around and sign a free agent like Deron Williams.

Until last week that is.

The Mavs missed on Deron Williams, and some of the key free agents on the market. I can only imagine Mark Cuban sitting in his office thinking, “what now?”

With young players like Rodrigue Beaubois, Dominique Jones, and new draft pick Jared Cunningham on the current roster, it may depend on them for the Mavs success in 2012-2013. Cunningham is the hope for the future in Dallas, and is the first first round pick of the Mavs since Beaubois in 2009.

Since the only proven player on the Mavs roster is Dirk Nowitzki, coach Rick Carlisle will have to work his magic and uncover a raw talent on the bench to bring these Mavs success. Especially with the loss of Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, and the possible loss of Shawn Marion. Someone young will have to step up on a nightly basis.

It could be Rodrigue Beaubois.

A highly rated talent out of Guadeloupe, France, Beaubois has elite quickness, a solid (yet streaky) jump shot, and is good finisher at the rim. He has all the tools to be a great player in the league, but he will have to get over some of the issues bogging him down. He has a huge habit of untimely injuries, missing all of 2010 due to a broken foot and several other minor ailments.

Either way, Mark Cuban should be worried. He gambled for a big free agent, and didn't get what he wants. Now he will have to rely on Carlisle, Dirk, and a lot of inexperienced yet talented young players.

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