Tony Pollard Cowboys Film Study: Top Plays vs. Dolphins, Role In Offense And Impact In 2019

Tony Pollard’s highlights vs. the Miami Dolphins in Week 3 were impressive. But what does the game film study say about Pollard’s impact and role going forward in the Cowboys’ offense? Cowboys Report host Tom Downey picks 7 plays to break down from Pollard’s breakout game for the Cowboys. They feature pass plays, runs, vision, contact balance, his touchdown and more. 

Tony Pollard is coming off easily his best game of the young 2019 NFL season. He ran the ball 13 times for 103 yards and 1 TD. So why did Pollard play so well? Was it just the offensive line? And where can Pollard improve and continue to grow? Obviously the game was against the Miami Dolphins, so future games won’t be as easy. 

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Pollard flashed the same things that led the Cowboys to draft Pollard. He’s got some great speed, quick cutting ability, passing game value and good enough vision. While there is room for improvement in a few notable areas, it’s clear Pollard has a role on this Cowboys offense. 

Tony Pollard's game vs. the Dolphins is broken down by host Tom Downey in this episode of the Cowboys Report Film Study:

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