Kellen Moore’s Cowboys Offense: RPOs, Play Action, Motion & Better Play-Calling | Film Study

The Dallas Cowboys highlights vs. the New York Giants were impressive. But what does the game film say about Kellen Moore’s new Cowboys offense? Cowboys Report host Tom Downey picks 7 plays to break down from Moore’s debut as the Cowboys offensive coordinator. They feature play action, motion, RPO and most importantly: just better play calling overall. 

The Cowboys plays focused feature 6 pass plays and 1 run play. Most of them feature motion and most of them work. The common theme for this Kellen Moore offense is that it tries to make the pre-snap reads easier on Dak Prescott while creating space for Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb and Michael Gallup.

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The best Cowboys news is that Moore is clearly going to lean on play action and early-down passing. That’s for the best, because that’s the way to win in the NFL. The Cowboys used it a bunch and also focused on actually getting to the sticks on 3rd downs. 

The Cowboys offense is broken down by host Tom Downey in this episode of the Cowboys Report Film Study:

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