Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Randy Gregory Latest, Record Prediction, CeeDee Lamb Hype And Jaylen Samuels Trade?

Dallas Cowboys Rumors today focus on big-names like Randy Gregory, CeeDee Lamb and Jaylon Smith. But there’s also a Cowboys trade rumor on Jaylen Samuels and discussion on a Dallas Cowboys record prediction. 

The Cowboys got CeeDee Lamb in the NFL Draft but the hype train has already gotten out of control. Michael Irvin is hyping up Lamb at a pace that, frankly, doesn’t help the rookie WR. Speaking of Lamb - get his jersey for under $80 right now

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell says the Cowboys are likely going to improve this season. And Cowboys Report host Tom Downey completely agrees because he’s said this for months now! The Cowboys might have gone 8-8 last year, but they should be expecting a better result this year. 

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Cowboys news on Randy Gregory, who remains in NFL limbo. He’s not been reinstated yet, but hasn’t been told ‘no’ yet either. And he’s taking out his frustrations on Twitter with his NFLPA rep. Jaylon Smith is switching to the WLB spot, which means he might be blitzing more. 

Cowboys rumors also include trading for Jaylen Samuels, the Steelers RB, which makes sense in light of the Jamize Olawale opt-out. But what would be the trade value and cost? There’s also the question of the biggest concern for the Cowboys - which is at CB. 

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Here’s the full list of Cowboys Rumors:
- Cowboys Set To Improve?
- Cowboys Record Prediction? 
- CeeDee Lamb Hype Train Out Of Control?
- Trade For Jaylen Samuels?
- Randy Gregory Still In Limbo?
- Jaylon Smith Blitzing More?
- Corner Biggest Concern?

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