Dallas Cowboys Offseason Team Needs For 2018

The offseason is in full swing for America's Team and that means the rumor mill is cranking for the Dallas Cowboys. As of now, changes to the coaching staff is the focus of many rumors, but coaching rumors aren't the only ones around the Cowboys. Also on the radar for the offseason is the team needs. What positions do the Cowboys need to upgrade and where are the areas of need with free agency in mind? 

The video above (and shown below) is from the Cowboys Report, a Facebook live show and a video podcast on iTunes. All of these videos can also be found on Cowboys Report on YouTube

The full Facebook Live Cowboys Report show can we watched here 

Check out hosts Tom Downey and Brett Scott on this segment as they break down what the top Cowboys team needs, as detailed below. 

- Defensive End
- Defensive Tackle
- Linebacker
- Offensive Guard
- Wide Receiver
- Safety
- Offensive Tackle
- Cornerback
- Running Back
- Tight End

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