Cowboys Rumors: Zeke Disrespected, Jamal Adams, Adding Another Player And Dak Prescott Trade?

Ezekiel Elliott is upset with the way he feels he’s been treated and that leads the way on today’s Cowboys rumors. Plus, what are the chances now of a Jamal Adams trade or even just adding another player? And should the Dallas Cowboys just trade Dak Prescott now? 

Zeke has made it clear that he feels disrespected and now it’s all ESPN and NFL Network are talking about. Is Zeke still a top RB in the NFL? Is he disrespected by others? Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks it all down for you. 

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Dak Prescott trade? That’s a popular Cowboys rumor now and although host Tom Downey would prefer to pay the Top 10 QB the Cowboys already have … if Dallas and Stephen Jones aren’t going to do that, then you’ve got to maximize the asset. Yes, the Cowboys should consider trading Dak, but not right now. 

Cowboys trade rumors also include Jamal Adams. Getting Adams to Dallas was going to be made easier by paying Dak. But that didn’t happen. So could a Jamal Adams to the Cowboys trade still happen? 

Cowboys rumors also include the idea of the Cowboys adding another piece or two. Although that’s also complicated by the lack of a Dak deal. Plus, why is a failure of a GM saying the Cowboys shouldn’t have paid La’el Collins. And is Trysten Hill near the top of the list of players who NEED a training camp? 

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Here’s the full list of Cowboys Rumors & News:
- Zeke is disrespected? 
- Jamal Adams Trade?
- Trade Dak?
- Adding Another Player?
- Shouldn’t have paid La’el Collins? 
- Trysten Hill needs training camp? 

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