Cowboys Rumors: Randy Gregory Return, Earl Thomas Trade And Bringing Back Dez Bryant

Check out the latest Dallas Cowboys Rumors on the Cowboys Report with Tom Downey. The Dallas Cowboys rumors featured today include if Randy Gregory is set to return to the Cowboys anytime soon, if the Cowboys will revisit trade talks with the Seahawks to acquire Earl Thomas and if the Cowboys are interested in bringing back Dez Bryant.

Plus, Tom discusses if the Cowboys have the #1 fans, if Travis Frederick is not a Top 100 player, if Cam fleming will start over La’el Collins, if Dak Prescott has a new agent and if the Cowboys are considering trading away Terrance Williams.

Check out the complete list of Cowboys rumors below and in the video. 

The video is from the Cowboys Report, a Facebook live show and a video podcast on iTunes. All of these videos can also be found on the new Cowboys channel, Cowboys Report on YouTube.

- Cowboys have #1 fans?
- Frederick not a Top 100 player?
- Cam Fleming starting over La'el Collins?
- Randy Gregory return?
- New agent for Dak Prescott?
- Dez return only just a dream?
- DAL to revisit Earl Thomas trade?
- Earl Thomas to the Cowboys?
- Terrance Williams trade?

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