Cowboys Rumors: NFL Investigating Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott Contract Talks & Randall Cobb’s Role

Dallas Cowboys Rumors are heating up around Ezekiel Elliott & his recent altercation at a music festival in Las Vegas. The NFL is reportedly reviewing the incident to determine if he violated the terms of his previous suspension. Some more recent Cowboys rumors include if Dallas will sign Dak Prescott to a contract extension before Zeke & Amari Cooper. Plus, will Randall Cobb be used in multiple roles on the Cowboys offense?

Host Tom Downey breaks down all the latest rumors surrounding America’s Team, including if cornerback Michael Jackson will be a surprise rookie gem in 2019 & if Jon’Vea Johnson has been impressing coaches during Cowboys OTAs. Also, is Dak going to be paid more than $35 MM per year? Find out on the latest edition of the Dallas Cowboys Report!

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Here is the complete list of Dallas Cowboys rumors discussed on today’s show:

- NFL Will Review Zeke Incident?
- Prescott Talks Furthest Along?
- 20% of the Cap for Dak?
- Cowboys Using Cobb In Multiple Roles?
- Michael Jackson As Surprise Rookie Gem?
- Jon’Vea Johnson Impressing?

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