Cowboys Rumors: Ezekiel Elliott Contract, Amari Cooper, Sean Payton Or Lincoln Riley As HC & Dez?

Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott, trade rumors and big names like Dez Bryant, Sean Payton and Lincoln Riley are the main focus of today’s Cowboys rumors and News. It’s contract updates for Zeke and Cooper, while several of the rumors on trading Dak Prescott, signing Dez Bryant and hiring Lincoln Riley or Sean Payton range from “Not Happening” to “Well, Maybe.” 

Amari Cooper is due for a new contract, but how close are the Cowboys to actually getting it done? That’s still unclear and it might take awhile. Speaking of contracts, Ezekiel Elliott wants a new one, but the Cowboys don’t appear to be rushing it either.

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Dak Prescott is also due for a big fat extension, but USA Today throws out an idea that won’t happen: Trading Dak Prescott. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks down why. Do you know what is a fact: that the Cowboys have the best NFL fan base!
Finally, it’s apparently a slow Cowboys news month, because there are rumors & ideas around bringing back Dez Bryant, hiring Sean Payton and hiring Lincoln Riley. Crazy how those always seem to pop up in the Cowboys offseason

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Here's the full list of Cowboys rumors discussed on the show!
- Zeke Extension Not The Priority?
- Price For Amari Cooper Keeps Rising?
- Trade Dak Prescott?
- Sean Payton or Lincoln Riley As Next HC?
- Bring Back Dez Bryant?
- Dallas Cowboys have the best fans?

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