Cowboys Rumors: Dak Prescott Contract Talks Back On?

Dak Prescott contract talks are back on? Those are the Dallas Cowboys rumors today and Cowboys Report host Tom Downey is here to break down the reports, what they mean and if the long-awaited Dak Prescott deal with the Dallas Cowboys is finally going to happen.

A Dak Prescott contract is going to be expensive and the sooner the Cowboys accept that, the sooner Dak, Todd France, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones can finish a deal that should have been done years ago. The latest Cowboys news is that the two sides are talking. Will a deal get done? And if so, how much will it cost? We’ve got a projected Dak contract in today’s video. 

Cowboys rumors continue to focus on Dak Prescott. But today, also find out why Dak is a top-tier person as well as a Qb. 

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The Dallas Cowboys have said for years now they want to pay Dak. And yet, they haven’t agreed to a deal, despite a rising contract cost BECAUSE THAT’S HOW THE NFL WORKS. Will a deal happen this time around?

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