Cowboys Rumors: Byron Jones Leaving? Dak Prescott Contract? Sean Lee? Donovan Wilson Starting?

Dallas Cowboys rumors on Byron Jones leaving, Dak Prescott’s contract situation and the future of Sean Lee are the focus of today’s Cowboys video. There’s also discussion on Donovan Wilson and needs at Defensive Tackle and Tight End IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW. 

Dak Prescott remains a key story around the Dallas Cowboys, with the latest update being the Cowboys will attempt to re-sign Dak before being forced to apply the franchise tag on him. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, because it makes sense for both parties. Getting Dak Prescott contract finished is the #1 move for the Cowboys this off-season. 

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Byron Jones is the Cowboys #1 cornerback, but the latest rumor is the Cowboys don’t want to pay him like one. If the Cowboys rumors are true on his asking price vs. what the Cowboys are willing to offer him, then he’s a goner. 

Sean Lee says he wants to be back in the latest Cowboys News, but will it be for the Dallas Cowboys? Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks down what he thinks the Cowboys could and should do. At safety, could Donovan Wilson get a chance to start? 

Cowboys Needs are starting to come into focus as well, but what’s the best route to address them? Free Agency or the NFL Draft? For Tight End, the draft might make more sense, while adding a DT in free agency makes a ton of sense. 

Here’s the latest Cowboys Rumors:
- Cowboys Want Dak Deal Before Tag?
- Byron Jones Leaving?
- Sean Lee Playing In 2020?
- DT In Free Agency?
- Donovan Wilson Starting?
- Tight End In Draft?

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