Cowboys News & Rumors: Randy Gregory, Rico Gathers, Trysten Hill’s Role And Dak Prescott Contract

Randy Gregory, Dak Prescott, Trysten Hill, Jeff Heath, Jaylon Smith & Rico Gathers are the main topics of today’s Cowboys rumors & news. NFL Training Camp is set to begin toward the end of this month & there are plenty of questions surrounding the Dallas Cowboys this NFL offseason. Randy Gregory will reportedly apply for reinstatement sometime this month & it is unknown whether or not Gregory will return to the Cowboys before the start of the 2019 NFL season. 

There have been discussions regarding contract extensions for players including Dak Prescott & Jaylon Smith. Some people are second-guessing whether or not Prescott is worth a long-term contract, while Jaylon Smith does not seem to be worried about receiving a contract anytime soon. Should Dak Prescott get paid? 

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In other Cowboys news, Jeff Heath will likely be the Cowboys’ starting strong safety in Week 1 against the New York Giants. Bryan Broaddus suggests the Cowboys trust Heath & what he can do. Second round draft pick Trysten Hill might not be a starter in week one, but he will definitely have a significant role as a rotational player on the Cowboys’ defense. Rico Gathers’ future with the Cowboys is in jeopardy. He hasn’t shown much progression over the past 3 seasons, but Gathers says he cannot determine where he is placed on a predetermined depth chart. Has Rico Gathers been given a fair chance to compete? Host Tom Downey breaks down all of these Cowboys rumors on the latest edition of the Dallas Cowboys Report!

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Here's the full list of Cowboys rumors & news discussed on the show!
- Randy Gregory Return?
- Trysten Hill a rotational player?
- Jaylon Smith not worried about a contract?
- Don’t extend Dak Prescott?
- Rico Gathers doesn’t get a fair shot?
- Jeff Heath starting?

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