Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Was It Worthwhile To Have Signed Anthony Hargrove?

Maybe it is just right to take a halt on taking in Garrett type of players, right?

Well it was just last week when the Dallas Cowboys signed defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove for a contract that will last for a year. The cost for that contract? $840,000! That veteran minimum is most likely what the franchise is set to get.

To let you remember who Hargrove is, here’s a snippet. He is one of those fall guys in the recent bounty drama which involved the New Orleans Saints. He was suspended for eight games during the last season by the NFL commissioner himself for Hargrove’s involvement in the scheme.

But maybe it is not fair to judge Hargrove just because of these issues. For one, his statistics can present some modest numbers but he will remain an average player, even at best. His involvement too though with substance abuse can make things worse.

Above all, Hargrove is not getting any younger anymore. And that is one obvious fact as he turns 30 when the official open training camp of the Dallas Cowboys will start in California by July 19.

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