Dallas Cowboys Rumors: The Toomer Temptation

Spoken words, especially from a former Divisional Foe and bright, post-playing career mind, can truly become an inferno and fire-storm of wind-blown and out-of-control proportions. This is in no way intended to correlate what the people of Colorado and several other flame-ravished States are incurring, but Amani Toomer probably never expected the backlash generated merely of opinion and truth.

Toomer's incendiary proclamation? "Tony Romo would be my choice of NFC East quarterbacks." To be fair, from a "statistics perspective" only. Not who's the best or whom do I prefer to be "my" QB. Simple observation and statement. In NYC, you would have thought 9/11 had somehow, some way, inexplicably recreated itself through pro football observations. It has been nothing shy of headline grabber #1 in NFL circles over the last three days. Just goes to show how slow and starved things can get from the ending of OTA's and the start of NFL Training Camps.

In full consideration of the opinion rendered, and with three days of 20/20 hindsight available, there were some greatly-missed particles of observation on Toomer's and NFL enthusiasts parts that could have gone miles to amplify the two QB comparisons.

Would you like the challenge of challenges? Describe or define "It." You know, as in, you either have or don't have IT. This guy pictured here to the left and above, he does. And he also doesn't. As an NFL signal-caller, Tony Romo has "it." And in the same breath, he lacks "it." Besides Super Bowl titles and accompanying jewelry, the score is Eli Manning: 2 - Tony Romo: 0. If scoring by hardware and hardware alone. Undisputable. 2-0. Cowboys' fans, cry and dispute all you want, advantage Manning. Unfortunately, until Romo registers on the Championship Scoreboard, the debate will rage, and #9 will always come up short. Sorry, the truth hurts.

Besides unmatched pedigree, what this guy has is "it." His "it" happens to be determination, the will to win and an unbelieveable command of December as a lead-in to post-season play. How does he do it? Not sure, but many factors are involved, not the very least of which is family genes and a grandiose desire to succeed. While Romo may possess the very same desire to succeed, he falls woefully short in his pursuit and command of December. Woefully short. To Cowboys' fans chagrin, Manning continues to exhibit, constantly against the Cowboys, what the Silver and Blue Nation wish Romo could replicate on a regular and consistent basis. Manning leads and rallies. In his two Super Bowl triumphs, he's done "it" to the Cowboys in a huge way. In 2007, the Cowboys were a 13-3, NFC-leading, #1 seed, and a Divisional Championship Game host at Texas Stadium. The rest is history. Labels get you nothing in life, results do. Manning and his Giants proceeded to road-win their way to a Super Bowl title as a traveling Wild-Card team. Unheard of, yet nothing but reality.

Once again, it was Manning and his Giants who faced elimination and a standing 10-count, this time at Cowboys' Stadium, and the G-Men, Manning-led, got up off the mat, propelled themselves into the post-season tourney and took an unprobable 9-7 to the Promised Land. Why can't the Cowboys seem to learn from their counterparts to the Northeast? Whatever "it" is, G-Men 2, Cowboys NADA. Certainly, there has to be a self-help book Romo can buy at the literary hands of Eli Manning and/or Amani Toomer. If not, a song could go a long way to making the same damn, and painful, point!!!!!

"It" sucks!!!!

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