Where Will Ubaldo Land?

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With the trade deadline rapidly approaching on July 31st, the focus around the Colorado Rockies is locked in on Ubaldo Jimenez. General Manager Dan O’Dowd is entertaining offers for the 27-year-old right-handed ace although he insists he is in no rush to move him. O’Dowd was quoted as saying, “We would have to be absolutely overwhelmed; it would have to be a Herschel Walker deal.”

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While Jimenez hasn’t been his best in 2011, he is by no means a slouch. In 2010, Jimenez finished third in the National League’s Cy Young Award race presented to the best pitcher. After an explosive 15-1 start to last season, Jimenez fell back to earth and finished the year 19-8 with a 2.88 ERA. This year, Jimenez is 6-9 with a 4.20 ERA, but has won three of his last four starts.

Despite Jimenez’s improved pitching as of late, there is still much concern surrounding his diminishing velocity. If the Rockies decide to deal him for less than a king’s ransom, you would have to think the velocity would be a factor.

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O’Dowd’s reported asking price for Jimenez is 3 high end prospects. Among those prospects, two of them would supposedly be pitchers. As of right now, the leading suitors in the Ubaldo sweepstakes are the Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, and Detroit Tigers. The New York Yankees were a leading contender, but have reportedly dropped out as one of the leading contenders. The Yankees are the most equipped out of the four suitors as they boast high-end prospects Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez, Dellin Betances, and Manny Banuelos. Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein may be the most desperate to upgrade his poor pitching staff because of how good his offense has been. An upgrade of Ubaldo’s magnitude over, say, John Lackey, would immediately bump up Boston’s chances of winning the American League pennant. The Red Sox also may never have as potent an offense as they do now and may feel the pressure to deliver in 2011.

Will the Colorado Rockies lower their asking price come deadline? That all depends on how concerned O’Dowd is over Jimenez’s diminishing velocity. While a new trade rumor surfaces every day, Ubaldo Jimenez’s future in Denver has remained consistently uncertain.

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