All About the All-Star Game

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is here and what a show it will be. New York Yankees Second Baseman Robinson Cano won last night’s Home Run Derby defeating Boston Red Sox First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Robinson looked just like a kid hitting his Dad’s pitches over the fence, because he was. Former big league pitcher Jose Cano threw to his son who helped the American League crush the National League 76 homers to 19.


[caption id="attachment_49" align="aligncenter" width="522" caption="Robinson Cano hugs his Father and Pitcher Jose after winning the Home Run Derby (Photo by The Associated Press)"][/caption]


Why the All-Star Game Matters

For those unfamiliar, the 2002 All-Star Game was a disaster. Both teams ran out of relief pitchers in the 11th inning, resulting in a tie. The crowd and media were highly critical of the controversial ending so to provide some sort of incentive for a team to win, Commissioner Bud Selig agreed with the player’s union that the winning league would have home field advantage during the World Series. To ensure enough pitchers were available, managers were urged to save pitchers just in case the game went into extra innings. Can you imagine getting selected as an All-Star and not playing? To address this issue, players are eligible to re-enter the game if needed.


Is Fan Voting So Smart?

I personally would rather see a panel of writers and journalists select the All-Stars like they do Awards. Before you freak out let me explain. I can see from the other point of view why fans should get to vote. They get to voice their opinion and see who THEY want in the All-Star Game. While winning home field advantage is important, the ASG is really all about the fans. On the other hand, fans from smaller market teams feel like it’s a popularity contest, which quite frankly, is one. Eight Yankees and six Red Sox are on this year’s rosters. Fans (no offense) can’t be trusted to vote without bias. I have a hard time voting for the statistically deserving candidate if I don’t like them at all. I would rather vote for Todd Helton over someone like Miguel Cabrera even if Cabrera has a better stat line. If being an All-Star means something in terms of career milestones or accomplishments, then they, in my opinion, must be selected by the experts.


Should Jeter Attend All-Star Game?

I think he should. Outside of New York City, Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter will never be as big as he is now, only three days removed from hitting his 3,000th hit. Only 27 players before Jeter have ever done this and while it was all but sure that Jeter would eventually join the elite hit club, it is now official. The fans voted him in and while I don’t argue his calf is hurting, he should at least be there even if he doesn’t play an inning. I am a big fan of Derek Jeter and he chose to recharge for a few days, which I can respect. I personally would’ve gone to at least enjoy the festivities if I were him.


The Year of the Rookie?

There is no arguing that last season’s rookie class was historic as it boasted Buster Posey, Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, Neftali Feliz, and Starlin Castro. This year has been more of the same as Aaron Crow, Michael Pineda, Craig Kimbrel, and Jordan Walden will participate in this year’s All-Star Game.

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