9 Ways You Know You're a Colorado Football Fan


Chat Sports presents "9 Ways You Know You're a Colorado Football Fan," a look at the raucous fun and memorable experiences involved with attending Colorado football games.

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9 Ways You Know You're A Colorado Football Fan

You know you're a Colorado football fan when:

1. You haven't seen the fourth quarter of a game since 2005.



2. You remember where you were for the miracle in Michigan.




3. You hated the BCS computers before it was cool, thanks to 62-36.



4. The Friday after Thanksgiving means watching Nebraska.



5. You know that Kordell was the original dual threat quarterback...every other team just stole the idea from us.



6. It's been five years since you graduated, but you still sit in the student section.



7. Half-time includes a stop through Illegal Pete's and/or watching skiers and snowboarders ride through your stadium... and that seems totally normal.



8. "Win or lose, we still booze" has become your official motto.



9. ...and you're now a basketball fan.



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