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I am not thankful for the following things

Thanksgiving is over and it is time to complain.

Complaint the First: There is no Major League Baseball at this time


Complaint the Second: The chicken fingers under the bleachers at Progressive Field are way better than the other chicken fingers at Progressive Field

Make me walk all the way around the park for the real deal grumble how dare you I understand that ballpark classics is right behind my section but those chicken fingers are just good the chicken fingers under the bleachers are great and so one wonders why all of the chicken fingers are not those chicken fingers, those exceptional chicken fingers, by far the greatest and best chicken fingers at Progressive Field just a joke an absolute joke put the chicken fingers at every stand let Dante’s Inferno and Momocho know that they are now purveyors of processed chicken chunks and processed chicken chunks only and very specifically the ones that are currently sold underneath the bleachers in conclusion bring back Pierre’s on the home run porch.