Cleveland Indians Rumors: Will Kevin Youkilis Play for the Indians?

Updated 12/7/12 12:20pm ET

According to reports Kevin Youkilis has been offered a 2-year $18 million deal to play for the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately for the Indians Youkilis has also reportedly been offered a 1-year $12 million dollar deal from the New York Yankees.

The Yankees hope to use Youkilis as a filler player for their perennial all-star Alex Rodriguez. If Rodriguez is not able to play this season because of his hip surgergy expect the Yankees to make a full out blitz on Youkilis because they will desperately need a third baseman.

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That being said, will Kevin Youkilis play for the Indians?  There is a possibility Youkilis could be enticed to play in Cleveland because the Indians are offering him a bigger role as a player and as a leader.

If Youkilis is just looking to get paid, expect him to head to New York this offseason.


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