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HoopsHabit rivalry rankings correctly ranks Cavs-Warriors #4 all-time

To no surprise in a list of the top 30 all-time team rivalries in NBA history by HoopsHabit’s Daniel Lubofsky, the Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers claimed the top spot on the list. Second on the list is Chicago Bulls-Detroit Pistons, a rivalry highlighted largely by the “Bad Boy” era Pistons against a young Michael Jordan‘s Bulls.

Third on the list is the Philadelphia 76ers-Celtics, a rivalry that has seen a resurgence in the past few years.

Checking in at number four is the Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors.

Four seems a little bit high for a relatively short-lived rivalry and perhaps there is a certain sense of recency bias involved, but the Cavs-Warriors rivalry is indeed a top five rivalry in NBA history.