Why NFL Teams Need To Blackball Johnny Manziel (At Least For Now)

The Cleveland Browns have made up their mind on quarterback Johnny Manziel, prepping to cut the 22nd overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft when the league year changes over in March.

Manziel's off-the-field problems have been well documented -- including a stint in rehab, two documented domestic altercations and a reported trip to Vegas that included Manziel going by the name Billy while donning a blonde wig and glasses. That last incident wouldn’t have been as huge of a deal if Manziel didn’t no-show a meeting with Cleveland’s team doctor before the team's Week 17 showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers while being in the concussion protocol.

The latest of Manziel's alleged transgressions is the scariest of all -- an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, which escalated to such a point that Crowley successfully filed for a protection order against him. Manziel has denied claims that he threatened both his own life and hers, so it's still in the realm of "allegedly" until taken to a court of law. More Manziel news inside the Chat Sports iPhone and Android apps.

However, it's a dangerous straw hitting the camel's back -- one that the league's 32 teams need to observe, take note of, and use as reasoning to bypass Manziel's potential until he proves himself capable of being a professional.

Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us nine or ten times, get out of the league.

Johnny Manziel's addictions aren't on trial here, and we make no claim as to just how he'll fare kicking his habits later on. However, this isn't about his addiction problem...

This is about a poster boy for the "era of entitlement." Every time it looked like the Browns had gotten through to him, he threw it all away with seeming indifference. That's an example several have set before him, with the ones who produce on the field usually get a long rope to work with. 

There's plenty of stars who've received second, third, even fourth chances because the #s they provide on the football field add #s to the bank accounts of those who employ them. Manziel hasn't reached that status yet, but his exploits as a former Heisman Trophy winner reportedly have several teams' interest piqued.

Don't let it happen, NFL front offices. It's time to make a stand.

It's possible Manziel can be a star somewhere else. But, there's no reason to jumpstart that process until he shows contrition and a willingness to get extended help and change his approach to both life and the game of football.

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