What Johnny Manziel Needs To Do In The Final Four Games To Stay On The Browns Next Year

Johnny Manziel is getting another shot as the Cleveland Browns' starting quarterback. Manziel started in place of an injured Josh McCown earlier this season, but has never been able to hold down the starting job. He was named the starting QB briefly, but failed to keep it after he lied about partying during the team's bye week. Manziel was a first round pick just two seasons ago, but he needs to starting showing improvement if he's going to remain with the Browns next year. He's already been linked as a possible trade candidate and he's on a short leash with the Browns. With that in mind, here are four things Manziel needs to do in the final four games to stay on the Browns' next year. 

Avoid Turnovers 

Manziel has cut down on his interceptions this season. He threw two picks in just 35 attempts last year, and has thrown the same amount in 128 tries this season. That's a promising sign, but Manziel has still battled turnover issues. He's fumbled five times this year and must do a better job of holding on to the ball. If Manziel turns it over too often, the Browns will be more likely to move on from him. 

Complete 60 Percent Of His Passes

Manziel has completed 59 percent of his attempts this season, up from 51 last year. That's improvement, but it's not quite where Manziel needs to be. The vast majority of the league completes 60 percent of their passes and Manziel needs to do the same. If Manziel finds a way to reach that 60 percent mark, the Browns should be happy with his continued growth. 

Make Some Plays

Manziel was a first round pick because he found ways to make plays at Texas A&M. He hasn't done so at the same rate with the Browns and Manziel needs to find a way to produce a few plays each game. He's never going to be a game-manager, so Manziel must make plays if he wants to stay on the team. If Manziel fails to produce plays and continues to turn the ball over, the Browns might try to move him. 

Stay Out Of Trouble 

This is easily the biggest thing Manziel needs to do. He's found himself in head coach Mike Pettine's doghouse far too often and he's cost himself playing time with his actions. If Manziel gets himself in trouble again, it could very well be the end of the Manziel Era in Cleveland. There's nothing wrong with partying, but if Manziel can't keep himself out of the spotlight and out of trouble, then he needs to stop partying. His future with Cleveland depends on it. 

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