Browns Draft Rumors: Cleveland Expected To Take Trubisky With Top Pick Over Garrett

The Cleveland Browns have been debating whether to take Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett or North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the top pick, and it appears they have made up their minds.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Browns are now expected to take Trubisky with that selection.

“I continue to hear that Mitchell Trubisky is square in consideration, and may turn out to be the No. 1 pick,” Schefter said. “Now I know everyone thinks Myles Garrett’s going to be the pick, and I will not be surprised if that’s the case tomorrow night. But I have got very smart, very well connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they think Trubisky’s going to be the No. 1 pick. We’ll see."

The 49ers have expressed interest in drafting Trubisky with the No. 2 pick, as have the Bears with the No. 3 pick. Because of that, the Browns don't think Trubisky will be available outside the top three.

Cleveland has talked with several teams at the top of the draft who looking to trade down - especially the Titans at No. 5 and Jets at No. 6 - but they aren't expecting him to be available then.

“I know when people talk about the Tennessee Titans (trading the No. 5 overall pick), they figure that Cleveland’s coming up to go get the quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, at No. 5,” Schefter said. “My read on the situation is that Cleveland is more apt to just stay exactly where it is.”

Trubisky passed for 3,748 yards with 30 touchdowns and just six interceptions last season.

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