Videos - Peyton Hillis Trucks his way onto Madden 12 cover

Now that Peyton Hillis is officially going to be on the Madden 12 cover, do you think his game on the field will slow down?  Can he maintain the same skill set as last year? Like all players plastered on the Madden Franchise cover, Hillis must be weary of "The Madden Curse".  Over the years, many of the players featured of the cover end up injury plagued during their next season.  Based on his amazing performance in his first three seasons in the NFL, lets sure hope Peyton Hillis continues to bowl over defenders and slam the football into the end-zone.  Here are some highlights of Peyton Hillis making defenders look silly, helping him earn the right to the cover of Madden 2012!

Peyton Hillis Highlights

Peyton Hillis : Unstoppable

Peyton Hillis dangerous man

Peyton Hillis is a truck 4x4!

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