Top 10 draft picks in NFL!

Von Miller

Strengths: Team Leader, can cover running backs in the passing game, can stop the run and is explosive off the snap.

Weaknesses: Taken out of run plays by fullbacks, can be overly aggressive and pass coverage needs some improvement.

Patrick Peterson

Strengths: Very aggressive, big hitter, can change directions well and a very dangerous punt  and kick returner.

Weaknesses: Gets fooled on double moves.

Nick Fairley

Strengths: Size, speed, athleticism, great snap anticipation, long arms and ability to burst of the line.

Weaknesses: N/A

Marcell Dareus

Strengths: Speed, ability to make plays from sideline to sideline, has tremendous strength and can break through double teams.

Weaknesses: Plays with low pads and not  alot of experience.


AJ Green

Strengths: Accelerates quickly, good hands, has great body control and unstoppable vertical leap.

Weaknesses: Small in size and need to work on running routes.

Robert Quinn

Strengths: Gives all on every  play, does great off blocks and can run down ball carriers from be hide.

Weaknesses: Can be to aggressive,  can improve on coverage skills and accepted improper benefits in 2010.

Da'Quan Bowers

Strengths: size, quickness, good work ethic and drive.

Weaknesses: Not always consistent and has small amount of pass rushing moves.

Cam Newton

Strengths: Great arm strength, throws well on the run and can buy himself time in the pocket.

Weaknesses: Needs to work on looking off defenders and leading the receivers to passes.

Mikel LeShoure

Strengths: Quick feet, break through arm tackles, has good vision and can gain yards after contact.

Weaknesses: No break away speed and only had one big season.

Julio Jones

Strengths: Tremendous ball, body control, catches away from the body and ability to run after the catch.

Weaknesses: Drops catch-able passes.

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