The Colts Are Going To Get a Heavy Dose of #40 From the Browns on Sunday

Last week Colt McCoy passed the ball 40 times, if that happens again this week it probably means that something very bad happened during the course of the game.  Under ordinary circumstances the Colts run defense is a turnstile, but with LB’s Gary Brackett and Ernie Sims out, and DE Robert Mathis doubtful, look for Peyton Hills to get an opportunity to return to 2010 form. 

Getting the ball in Hillis’ hands should produce big yards against the porous Colts run D.  However, last week didn’t exactly look promising for the Browns run game.  It could have been the changes on the offensive line, or the fact that they were playing the game from behind for the most part.  It’s probably too early to mention the Madden curse.  Either way, was I the only one that noticed that the contract extension talk for Peyton died down since last Sunday?

It was also might make a difference if one of the Browns Wide Receivers would step up.  Last week Colt McCoy completed 6 passes to Peyton Hills, and both of his TD’s were to TE’s.   Mohamed Massaquoi had a big play, but outside of that there was little reason to believe the Browns shouldn’t have picked up a veteran WR in the offseason.

There is definitely something to prove offensively on the ground this week, but the defense must find their way as well.  Last week they didn’t provide a ton of resistance against a guy making his first career start, and they allowed 124 yards to Cedric Benson.  The colts don’t have much of a running game, and they are starting a guy who might be eligible for Social Security by the time the game is over.  If they can’t look good this week, there may be some major issues.  In order to do so, someone other than Joe Haden or D’Qwell Jackson must step up.

Ultimately, this game will go a long way in shaping the rest of the season.  If the Browns can’t come up with a Win against a shell of the Indianapolis Colts, Pat Shurmer and company will already be on the hot seat.

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