Seneca Wallace May Get Chance To Decide Colt McCoy's Fate

With 13 games in the books for the Browns 2011 season, Colt McCoy is yet another in a long line of Browns QB’s who leave fans, coaches, and the media split on whether or not he is a franchise QB.  Ask 10 people on the street and 5 would say that he deserves another season because he doesn’t have the weapons that a QB needs in order to be successful, and the other 5 would say he is a bum. 

One thing he has shown this season is that he is durable.  Despite getting pounded on a weekly basis, he is the first Browns QB to start the first 13 games of the season since the Browns came back to the  league in 1999.  But with the possibility that he might not play this week against the Cardinals, backup Seneca Wallace could have a lot to say about McCoy’s future with the Browns.

Not because anybody will be calling for Wallace to be the long-term solution, but because by having a big game this Sunday, he could prove that the Browns do in fact have enough weapons to have a potent offensive.    If he is able to move the ball effectively downfield in his first attempt to do so this year, it could signal the end of the line for McCoy in Clevleand.

McCoy has yet to register a complete signature game this year.  He rallied the team in the fourth quarter to win against the Dolphins, and he has managed to avoid the big mistake for the most part.  But there hasn’t been a game this year in which you could say that he put the team on his back and lead them to victory.  If Wallace does just that in his first start it would go a long way to show that the problem lies in McCoy himself, and not the personnel around him or coaching.

With three games left in the season, and with two first-round picks in a draft that features several potential franchise QB’s, the Browns clearly as much information about McCoy’s ability to run their offense.  It just might happen that they might get as much information without him in the game as they have in his 13 starts this year.

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