Is This A Leaked Image Of The Cleveland Browns New Logo?

The Cleveland Browns are set to release a new logo and new uniforms tomorrow, and an image of what is rumored to be one of the new logos has been leaked.

A Reddit user, fanshop, posted details about some new Browns merchandise he saw at the store he works at, and thinks the Browns will be unveiling three new logos:

The first is a lighter than we're used to Brown block C With a white outline. It's pretty straight forward.

The second is the new helmet. It's a darker orange with a broad Brown stripe bordered in white with what looks like little hats in the stripe like Seattle's wing pattern. Brown facemask too.

The final one is my favorite and if I had to guess, is bet it's the new primary logo. It's a sillouhette of a man from shoulders up wearing a derby hat but his chin is to his chest and the hat's brim covers all but his chin and a smirk. His hat is brown with a orange stripe. His coat is orange and his tie is brown.

He didn't post any pictures, but someone else leaked this image that looks a lot like the third logo:


It doesn't sound like this is the primary logo, but we'll no more when the team officially unveils their rebranding on Tuesday.

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