How to watch Monday Night Football Online

Updated 8/11/2015 11:40pm ET

 If you won't be in front of a TV or don't have ESPN, there are other options to Watch Monday Night Football Online

Option 1

Watch ESPN - You need to have a login from your cable provider that says you are a subscriber. So, if you are at the office or away from home and have ESPN, just choose your cable provider and get at it.

If you don't have cable, do the following: Think of a friend who owes you a favor, then hit them up for their cable account login info. BOOM. You are in.

Option 2

Venture into the murky waters of 'streaming games online for free'. Whatever you do, if you access the below sites: DON'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!

feed2all.euClick Here for this live stream of the Seahawks-Rams game

vipboxonline.euClick here for this live stream of the Seahawks-Rams game

Backup stream 1

Backup stream 2

Backup stream 3

wiziwig.tvClick here for this list of streams of the Seahawks-Rams game

Now, go get after it. We recommend the Watch ESPN route, but do your thing however you like.

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