How do you fix the Cleveland Browns? You trade for Tim Tebow

Reader’s note:  This is an aspiring sports writer destroying all of his credibility.

Here’s what everyone forgets to consider when they’re combatively arguing their case against Tim Tebow:  He’s a better option at quarterback than half of the current leagues starters.  Yea, yea he’s not a “quarterback” because he can’t throw I know I know, but read that last sentence again one more time.  He’s not a better quarterback, he is a better option AT quarterback.   Look, if you want an elite quarterback I’ll be the first to tell you that Tim Tebow is not what you want .  But if you want your team to win more than five games in a season... Tebow is your guy.   I just remembered something interesting: the Cleveland Browns have not broken the five win threshold since 2007.  And they haven’t done it too many times before that either.

Oh yes I just did.  I suggested the Browns trade for Tim Tebow.

If you are a Browns fan and you want a longterm, franchise quarterback that can win you a Super Bowl some day...RGIII is your best option.  Wait, so then why would it ever be sensible to trade that pick for Tim Tebow? I’ll tell you why.  Because you are a Browns fan.  You have severe issues and heavy doubts when it comes to your team investing a high first round pick on a franchise quarterback--that’s why you’re comfortable staying with Colt McCoy     You figure there’s no point in chasing a franchise quarterback to win a Super Bowl for the Browns because... well, you’ve seen enough over the last twenty years to convince yourself the Browns will never win a Super Bowl.   Ever.  This team has been so bad for so long that you would be willing to settle with a 7, 8, or 9 win season just so you can kick your heroine habit.

If you’re a Browns fan and the last three sentences describe you...Tim Tebow is your guy.

No, Tebow would not be the long term answer at quarterback, he would be the short term answer to lift the spirits of some Browns fans.  Not to mention, Tebow on the Browns is a perfect fit.

It’s no secret that the Browns lack playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.  Guess what you don’t really need if Tebow is your quarterback?  A ton of offensive playmakers!   The Browns also happen to have a below average offensive line.  Guess what else Tebow doesn’t really need?  Yep, a good offensive line.

--The more you think about it the more you begin to realize how well this Browns offense is suited for Tebow.  If there were ever a perfect running back to couple with Tebow, wouldn’t that running back be Peyton Hillis--a guy who specializes in yards after contact and a guy who can get those tough yards.

--If there were ever a wide receiver to pair with Tebow, wouldn’t that guy be Josh Cribbs?  We all know Cribbs isn’t a receiver by nature, but we do know that he is one of the most athletically gifted/versatile/explosive player in the league.  Pair Cribbs with Tebow and, all of the sudden, that terrible offense you saw this year isn’t so terrible.  Yea, it still wouldn’t be all that great, but it wouldn’t be terrible.

--If there were ever a coach for Tim Tebow, wouldn’t that coach be Pat Shurmur?  Let me rephrase that:  If there were ever a player for Pat Shurmur, wouldn’t that player be Tim Tebow?  As far as Browns fans know, Pat Shurmur has no idea what he is doing.  Not only is a Tebow led offense more simple to run, Tebow is also the ultimate scapegoat if things go array and the Browns win 4 or 5 games again.

--As bad as the Browns offense is, they do have the one thing that Tebow doesn’t have in Denver; two very respectable, big bodied tight ends in Evan Moore and Benjamin Watson.  A tight end combo such as that could do Tebow some good.

--The Browns defense did a decent job this year keeping games reasonably close.  If they can continue to build the defense and hold down the other teams offense, Tim Tebow will be there waiting in the fourth quarter.  How many close games have the Browns lost over the year?  They lost six games this year decided by a touchdown or less.

If you’re reading this, thinking I am an idiot...  I don’t blame you.  I would be thinking the exact same thing.  However, do what I did and please take a moment to remember how horrible the Browns offense was this year.  Haven’t you spent the last five months saying, “The Browns have too many offensive holes to fill in one offseason.”? When it comes down to it, that’s what Tebow would do--he would be a great short-term solution at quarterback.  Probably the best short term solution in the NFL.

Lets put it this way:  So if you are a Browns fan in favor of giving Colt McCoy another year (I’m not one of them), you have to like this.

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