Follow your favorite Cleveland Browns players on Twitter!

We here at Chat Sports have done the heavy lifting for you, and give you (below) your favorite Browns players Twitter names so you can track your favorite players every move. Go to Twitter and “follow” these players twitter accounts yourself. It’s very easy to do and fun to use! Here are a all the accounts you need to get started. Or you can come to our Browns page and follow all of them in one place plus all the latest rumors and breaking news!

Abe Elam : @abeelam

Brian Schaefering : @BSCHAEFERING

Carlton Mitchell : @C_Mitch18

Chansi Stuckey : @ChansiStuckey

Chris Gocong : @chrisgocong

Chris Roberson : @ROBE37

Colt McCoy : @ColtMcCoy

D'Qwell Jackson : @DQ52

Deangelo Smith : @DLO614

Eric Wright : @ithinkurwright

Evan Moore : @evanmoore89

Jake Allen : @lrgkid85

Jarrett Brown : @JarrettBrown16

Joe Haden : @joehaden23

Jordan Norwood : @jordaNorwood

Josh Cribbs : @JoshCribbs16

Mike Adam : @MDOTADAMS20

Mohamed Massaquoi : @MoMass11

Reggie Hodges : @Reggie_Hodges

Robaire Smith : @BigHomie4real

Tj Ward : @BossWard43

Titus Brown : @GoHam59

Chat Sports : @Chatsports

Chat Browns : @ChatBrowns

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