Cleveland Browns rumors: Mike Lombardi discusses Saban and the Browns

Updated 12/12/2012 2:55 pm ET

NFL Network commentator Mike Lombardi spoke with ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd this morning and touched on the subject of the Browns GM job and the possibility of reuniting with old friend Nick Saban in Cleveland.

On what he makes of the rumors of him returning to NFL as a GM: "Well, ya know, it 's something that is flattering and nice to hear about, but, again until you have contact with somebody, until you have discussions, it's really just a lot of rumors and people speculating."

On Saban returning to Cleveland: "I think anytime they (Alabama) build statues on campuses for ya, it has got to be hard for you to come back. Ya know, I think when they erect a statue, you probably are pretty well sequestered at that school. I don't want to speak for Nick and certainly it's Nick's decision. What ever he wants to do, he can pretty much command anything he likes. He is an outstanding football coach, we had an incredible experience with Bill in Cleveland. If he comes back, I'm sure he will be successful, I thought he was going to be successful in Miami. What triggered his decision to go back to Alabama was Drew Brees. Ya know, Drew Brees' shoulder wasn't able to pass a physical in Miami, he signed Daunte Culpepper which I think drove him back (to college). Not Culpepper's play, but just not having control in all the decisions and factors.

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