Cleveland Browns Rumors: Trading Josh Gordon An Option For Cleveland?

With troubled Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon set to become a restricted free agent before the 2016 NFL season, head coach Mike Pettine acknowledges that the young wideout is currently at a "crossroads" in his time with the team.


"We want to take care of our own, but at the same time, we're gonna hold our guys accountable. I think everybody recognizes the talent that's there, but this isn't an individual sport. You have to be accountable to your coaching staff, you have to be accountable to your teammates, more importantly. That's the thing that we have to get [right] with Josh. It's not the ability. At some point, you get tired of using the word potential. So this offseason for him puts him squarely at a crossroads for us."

In the eyes of Bleacher Report's Andrea Hangst, the Browns would be wise to cut ties with Gordon instead of risking losing on an investment in deference to Gordon's potential.

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"Gordon is not reliable," Hangst asserts. "There's no guarantee he's truly learned enough lessons and is ready to be a hardworking football player not distracted by outside forces. While there's no guarantee he hasn't gotten the message, with so much in flux for the Browns they do not need a major question mark at No. 1 wide receiver."

No matter which side of the fence you're on in regards to Gordon, it's going to be an interesting offseason nonetheless as the Browns continue to get their house in order.

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