Cleveland Browns Minicamp Update: Who Will Replace Special Standouts Dawson and Cribbs

As Cleveland Browns go through a lot of changes with a brand new regime taking charge, no one yet has challenged to fill in the shoes of kicker Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs, the special teams ace.

Both players have left for the Bay Area by being free agents as they signed one year deals with Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. Dawson had stayed with the Browns since its rebirth way back in 1999 while Cribbs since 2005.

Dawson used to be the leader of the team especially when it comes to field goals and he even ranks second on the all time scoring list with a figure of 1,271 points. Cribbs on the other hand has tied for the best career kickoff in terms of touchdowns in the entire NFL History.

The auditions as to who will replace them have been held within this week as the team goes through the mandatory camp that lasts for three days. Hence, this competition is set to heat things up especially when training camp starts by July 26. According to kicker Shayne Graham right after practice that when a team loses their core players, it is a great chance for someone else to finally step up.

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