Browns News: What Would A Brian Hoyer Contract Extension Look Like?

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Brian Hoyer's impressive start to the 2014 NFL season has changed the conversation around the quarterback position for the Cleveland Browns.

Rather than fielding questions about when first-round pick Johnny Manziel will take over, ESPN Cleveland Browns writer Pat McManamon was asked whether or not he saw a scenario where Hoyer would be re-signed in the offseason:

I see many scenarios where Hoyer is re-signed. If he continues to play like he has and the Browns win their share of games, I'd submit that it would be absolute lunacy not to re-sign him. Or at least try. Letting a successful quarterback go would continue the constant cycle of starts and re-starts that have plagued the Browns for years. If he plays well, the Browns owe it to him and to the team and the fans to re-sign him.

What would such a contract extension look like? McManamon crunched the numbers:

This question assumes Hoyer continues to play well. If so, I think he would love to stay in Cleveland and the Browns would try to keep him. There are so many ways to look at contracts; Tom Brady's average per year of $9 million pales to Drew Brees' $20 million per year. But Brady is guaranteed $57 million in his deal, Brees $55 million. Go through some players. Matt Cassell has had one or two good seasons, much like Hoyer would have at the end of 2014. Cassell is guaranteed $5.65 million and makes $5.25 million per year on a two-year deal. Andy Dalton is guaranteed $17 million and earns $16 million per year. Johnny Manziel is guaranteed $7.7 million and earns $2.06 million per year. Carson Palmer is guaranteed $10 million and earns $8 million per season. Finally, Alex Smith is guaranteed $45 million and earns $17 million per year. Where Hoyer fits in that group is what he and the team would have to determine.

Hoyer is currently in the final season of a two-year, $1.965 million contract. Any which way you slice it, he is likely to receive a pay raise of some sort next season.

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