Browns News: Receivers Coach Not Worried About Josh Gordon's Final Strike

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Under the league's new drug policy, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon sits just one strike away from possibly being banished completely from the NFL.

Regardless of the noise surrounding Gordon, receivers coach Mike McDaniel isn't worried about the dynamic wideout and his commitment to turning things around.

"Without a doubt (he understands it),” said McDaniel, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “There’s no question in my mind. Now, do I think originally he understood the ramifications of his actions before he ever had a slip-up? Probably not, but it happens as it goes. That’s one thing I’ve really been taken aback by is how much responsibility he’s definitely taking and he needs to continue to take. But he’s definitely taking (it) on himself. It doesn’t sit well with him that he’s in this situation.”

Gordon's original year-long ban from the NFL was shortened to just ten games when the league instituted its new drug policy earlier this month. However, that doesn't lessen the punishment if he is runs afoul of the league's rules again - a very weighty situation that Gordon seems to be taking very seriously.

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