Browns News: Ray Farmer trying to eliminate excuses by downplaying Josh Gordon?

In Browns news tonight, Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer may have his reasons when it comes to downplaying the importance of superstar wide receiver Josh Gordon - especially in the light of Gordon's potential year-long drug suspension.

In his weekly column for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Terry Pluto writes that it "should be no surprise that Ray Farmer played down the value of Josh Gordon -- or any big-time receiver." Farmer is well-aware that the team could be without Gordon for a significant portion of the 2014 NFL season. If he overplays Gordon's importance, he could risk demoralizing the entire locker room.

Here's Farmer's comments on Gordon from an interview with 92.3 The Fan:

"Name the last big-time receiver to win a Super Bowl. Name the last mega guy. (Gordon) matters to me because I like the guy and I think he's a really good player. But at the end of the day, when you look at the teams that have these mega receivers, name the last guy that won a Super Bowl? ... There are none. The last guy that really helped his team get there was T.O. (Terrell Owens)."

While Pluto gives Farmer the benefit of the doubt on this statement, he was quick to point out that "one of the best ways to help a quarterback is with a big-time receiver." This is not just because of playmaking ability, but the fact that a top-tier receiver could open up opportunities for other receivers to get open.

Whichever way Gordon's suspension goes, the Browns are sure to miss him. The degree to which his absence will affect them is still up for debate.


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