Browns News: Potential Problems With Johnny Manziel Running The Scout Team?

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Despite refuting Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine's observation that he is frustrated with his role as the team's backup quarterback, Johnny Manziel remains the most scrutinized second-string signal caller in all of the NFL.

Per Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk, if Manziel is indeed frustrated with his role and doing his own thing on the scout team while impatiently waiting for a promotion, it could spell problems for the team's preparations heading into games:

If he’s freelancing on the scout team and not running the plays that the defense will be facing, that potentially hurts the Browns.  The goal of the scout team is to help prepare the defense for the coming week’s offense; unless the opposing quarterback plays like Manziel, Manziel isn’t helping the cause by playing like Manziel when he should be playing like the next quarterback the defense will face.

NBC Sports originally reported that Manziel had been playing as himself on the scout team, attempting to showcase his talents as a potential starter rather than emulate the matchup upcoming for the Cleveland Browns' defense.

Stay tuned.

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