Browns News: Double standard in handling of Johnny Manziel, Justin Gilbert?

In Browns news tonight, the highly-visible nature of the quarterback position in the NFL may be showing itself even more than people know when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.

In a recent mailbag for, Browns blogger Pat McManamon was asked why it would be OK for #8 pick Justin Gilbert to sit for a year (in the public's eyes), but not OK for Johnny Manziel to sit as the #22 pick: "The only thing I can say is that the quarterback position is treated differently than every other position. By light years. The standards and expectations are simply different because it is the key spot on the team."

While McManamon doesn't necessarily mean that cornerback is not a key position, the standards for quarterbacks in the league are extremely different than for any other position on the roster.

To show just how disproportionate it is, think about the first day of the NFL Draft. Regardless of the fact that he fell to #22 in the draft, Manziel was mentioned on Twitter about 2.5 million times on that Thursday - almost five times as much as the NBA and NHL playoff games which were going on as well.


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