Browns Need To Find Out If They Can Win With (Matt) Flynn

Matt Flynn will undoubtedly be the most talked about free agent this offseason.  That’s what happens when you start just one game and throw for 6 Touchdowns and almost 500 yards. 

Many people have said that he is fool’s gold, others are losing their minds over the possibility of him being the next Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre.    It’s certainly tough to tell whether Flynn is can be a franchise QB or not, and one team that really needs to find out is the Cleveland Browns.

If Flynn is even a marginal upgrade over Colt McCoy, the Browns need to pounce.  Their offense was something several levels below abysmal last year, scoring less points than every team they have put on the field in the past 11 seasons.

 There is no doubt that the off-season focus needs to be on upgrading the offensive unit, and the Browns  have two first-rounders with which to perform said upgrading.   If the Browns don’t feel McCoy is the guy, they can certainly use their first pick (or a combination of picks) to get Robert Griffin, or another highly touted rookie.  But grooming a rookie into a winner often takes time, which is something the current regime may feel they are running out of.

Which brings us back Matt Flynn.  I have no idea if he is the next Matt Schaub or Kevin Kolb, but the guys working for the Browns that get paid to know these things need to find out.   If GM Tom Heckert is able to discern that Flynn is an upgrade over McCoy, they would then have their QB of the future, and still have two first round picks, which could be used to give their new signal caller some weapons.

If the team upgraded the QB position with Flynn, and then used their two first round picks on, say, a stud Wide Receiver and a solid Right Tackle, they would have greatly accelerated their offensive overhaul.

Again, I’m not saying that Matt Flynn is going to save the Browns franchise because he had one good game.  What I am saying is that the Browns need to spend some time finding out if he is better than Colt McCoy.  A lot of time.  As in, get a tape of every pass he has thrown since was in middle school and watch them five times over.

Because with an offense this bad, every stone needs to be overturned.  Especially stones that have thrown for more TD’s and more yards in a game than Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr and any other guy who has ever taken a snap from center wearing the Packer colors.

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