Browns May Have Blown Chance to Contend This Year

It’s probably safe to assume that most fans were disappointed at the Browns lack of activity in Free Agency this season.   Even if you are not one that expected or wanted a huge splash to be made with big name, high priced players, you still have to be perplexed at their lack of making any substantial moves. 

Through this off-season the team lost 8 starters (Vickers, Womack, Rogers, R. Smith, Bowens,  Barton, Wright, and Elam) to free agency and trades, but they essentially only acquired 1 (not counting draft picks) in Usama Young.   Even then, he may not be an upgrade over hi

It would be difficult to argue that the roster as it is configured today is any better than 1 year ago.  Even if you consider their draft class to be quite strong (and with a probable 4 starters it probably is), it still doesn’t feel like much progress was made on a team with many needs.  Tony Grossi even mentioned that something does seem a little fishy about complete lack of effort to improve the team this season.

But what is probably most disheartening for a fan base as good as any in the NFL, who has watch the team caught in a continuous build and rebuild mode since their last playoff appearance in 2002, and who haven’t seen really enjoyable football in over 20 years, is that with just a few additions this team could have contended for post-season play this year.

With 30 million to spend, a good core of young players, and an easy schedule on paper the Browns could have easily won 9 or 10 games without making moves that would jeopardize their future.  Looking at their schedule, most of their first 10 games are very winnable, and the schedule doesn’t get tough until the final month when they tour the AFC North.

As it stands now, I would peg this team for another 5-7 win season.  But if they had made some effort to plug a few glaring weaknesses (such as WR depth, another CB they desperately need, or a proven DL), or even if they had made any attempt to keep some of their own free agents such as Vickers, Matt Roth, Elam, or Womack, you could easily see where they could have added 2-3 wins and been in contention for a playoff spot.

I’m not suggesting they could have went to the Super Bowl, but it’s fairly certain they won’t make a playoff run this year for the 10th straight season and it didn’t have to be that way.

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