5 Reasons Why Johnny Manziel Can Lead The Browns To The Playoffs

Johnny Manziel is the answer for the Cleveland Browns. Did he have a perfect game in the Browns' 31-10 loss to the New York Jets? Of course not. He's still a young, developing QB. However, Manziel did show he has what it takes to lead the Browns to the postseason. The Browns have a good defense; they just need some help from their QB and offense. Here are five reasons why Manziel can lead the Browns to the playoffs. 

He's An Upgrade Over McCown 

This is the alternative Cleveland. McCown got way too greedy on this run, and the first hit completely knocked the ball out. That cost the Browns points. Look, Manziel might do some foolish things, but McCown is 36. He's a veteran and should know better. At least with Manziel, there is the upside of Manziel making some big plays. With as good a defense as the Browns should have this season, if Manziel can just play at an average level, the Browns can make it to the postseason. 

Better Fit

McCown's ideal role is serving as a veteran backup. Yeah, he can put together a few good games if he has weapons galore, like he did in Chicago. But look who Cleveland has. The Browns' top WRs Sunday were Brian Hartline, Gary Barnidge and Travis Benjamin. Cleveland's biggest strength is its running game, with Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. The Browns should add a few read option wrinkles with Manziel at QB. For the Browns to make it to the postseason, a game-manager like McCown isn't enough. They need someone more dynamic. 

He's A Playmaker

This run ended up getting called back, but this is something McCown ian't able to do. Manziel is a playmaker, and given the Browns lack of weapons, that's what Cleveland needs. For the Browns to make the playoffs, they need to hand Manziel the reins to make plays. 

Can Make All The Throws 

McCown doesn't have the arm talent that Manziel does. That touchdown pass is a thing of beauty. It's perfect placed. Manziel made that throw look much easier than it actually is. Yes, Manziel still needs some consistency, but that throw proves he can make the throws the Browns need him to make. McCown's stat line was 5 of 8 for 49 yards. He wasn't asked to do very much, because he can't. Manziel has the ability to do make all the throws, unlike McCown.. 

Provides A Spark

This fits in with the playmaker part, but Manziel's talent provides a boost in a way that McCown simply can't. The Browns offense needs a spark if they want to make it to the postseason. If the Browns start giving Manziel first team reps in practice and build the offense around his unique skill set, then Manziel can lead the Browns to the playoffs. 

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